Legal Check

You will benefit from support during the whole purchase process for a fixed price. It’s optional of course, but highly recommended to have a lawyer on your side. See more about why here.

Mgr. Hana Koláčková


What’s included in the legal support?

For existing properties and new developments, to ensure everything is above board, we will:

  1. Check the property in the cadastral office, including the original contract
  2. Check the seller in the commercial register, insolvency register, in the central executory register
  3. Revise and modify, if necessary, the reservation contract, purchase contract, escrow agreement, and application for registration of the transfer of ownership

We will be on hand throughout the entire process to lend assistance or answer legal questions whenever they arise.

How much does this service cost?

For existing properties: 15,000czk

For new developments: 22,000czk

These rates are a one-off fee

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