Buying property in 2022 – information about free seminar

Are you an expat looking to buy property in the Czech Republic?

Or maybe you are just curious about the current real estate market and want to hear more from the local experts?

We are happy to invite you to our seminar focused on topic of “Buying property in 2022”, our 4th seminar after a long COVID pause. This year brought a LOT of changes and the market is indeed changing. Interest rates are on its peak, property prices started to stagnate, more regulations from the Czech National Bank…


This event is hosted by Robin Petrásek, mortgage advisor and founder of Expats Finance and Nick Marley, real estate specialist and investor into properties with his company Investment Solutions Group.

Programme (120 min):

Robin’s financial part (1st part, 45 min):

  1. current situation on the market
  2. how did we get here? A short summary of everything that preceded the current situation on the mortgage market
  3. what is the difference now vs 1 year ago?
  4. fast forwarding 1 years into the future.
  5. fixation and exiting high interest rate mortgages

Time for questions

5 min pause + bonus “Horror story involving corrupted lawyer.”

Nick’s real estate part on Identifying a good deal in 2022 (2nd part):

  1. Market dynamics – what is driving the market?
  2. Prime location – where to look for and where to think twice
  3. Quality property – identifying the best properties in your budget
  4. Motivated seller – how to find the seller who will discount the most
  5. Negotiation and closing – how to get the deal done

Time for questions and open conversation.


When: Thursday the 13.10.2022 at 6PM – 8PM plus discussion

Where: Hotel Belvedere, Prague 7, tram stop Kamenická / Strossmayerovo náměstí. The seminar will take place in -1 floor.

Parking: 4 minutes walk from shopping mall OC Stromovka, first 3 hours is free, then 50 CZK / h.

Registration mandatory via this link.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, this seminar will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about buying property in the Czech Republic. Register now and we’ll see you soon!

Expats Finance