The lowest mortgage interest rates on the market are by mBank

We are happy to announce that from 1.7.2020 mBank is offering the lowest interest rates on the market for 80% LTV as of today (7.7.2020).

mBank is offering rate 1,64% with life insurance or 1,89% without the life insurance, which to our best knowledge is the lowest rate these days for 80% LTV financing and 5 years fixation.

mBank is very friendly towards EU expats living in the Czech Republic as they do not require perment residency. For non-EU citizens, clients are accepted individually but generally without any problems. Two more benefits from mBank, they have very favorable calculations for self-employed people and also for Buy-to-let mortgages.

Our mission is to help you with negotiations with the bank and overcome any bureaucratic difficulties. As always, the mortgage advisor is free of charge and we are happy to give you full comparison and guidance for buying a property.

Feel free to contact Robin at or call at 777877849 to discuss your mortgage inquiry.

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