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  • Robin Petrásek

Best time to refinance your mortgage is now!

Bad news - interest rates started to increase again for mortgages. You should consider refinancing your mortgage now to get rates under 2% while they are still available.


Lowest rates we experienced were under 1,79% in January; during February increased to 1,89% and now there are only very few banks which are under 2% rates.


Quite a common misconception is that you cannot refinance while you are in the middle of the fixation period - which you can do as long as you signed a mortgage or refinanced after 12/2016.

The main question is how much would be the early repayment penalty and the good news is that as of today, there are only 2-3 banks which charge high exit fees - other banks charge close to nothing!

Consider this - if you have a rate 2,5% and above fixed for another 4 years - you can email your bank asking to recalculate your interest rate according to today's conditions (under 2%) - no guarantee but it is worth a shot. If they do not comply - we will be glad to help with refinancing to another bank.

For more information do not hesitate to contact Robin at +420 777 877 849 or email

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