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  • Robin Petrásek

Czech banks’ approach to mortgage and loan repayment postponement in regards to the CoVid-19 virus

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The Czech banking association (CBA) suggested on 12.3.2020 all banks to allow 3 months of postponed repayments for all types of loans for those in needs (incl. small businesses and the self employed) in order to prevent defaulting in the future. This is in terms of a recommendation, not forcing the banks to do so, however many banks have already expressed their consent.

Two things which are very important to mention:

  1. The postponement is in the debt registry seen as a default so it will have a negative impact on future lending possibilities - CBA is advising for an exception - whether banks will accept is not known yet so consider applying only if it is necessary.

  2. Not everybody is eligible for the postponement. It should only be used by those whose income has been reduced due to the current situation and will have problems with their repayment.

Below we bring you a summary of the banks we cooperate with and how they reacted, including valuable links and contact details.

We will also bring updates as soon as we have any new information.



Česká spořitelna:


EQUA bank:

FIO bank:

Hypoteční banka:

Komerční banka:



Raiffeisen BANK





We have to point out again that we think this should be used only by those in need. Allow us an example - there is a difference if you have 500.000 CZK in savings account vs. if you are stretched of any savings and your only source of income is gone.

Note that if your mortgage was created for own living purposes (i.e not buy to let) and you claim for postponement regarding loss of rental income, your bank might change your loan, leading to less favorable interest rate and stricter terms overall.

Special thanks to Fredrik for help with this article.

Sources are mentioned in the links above and here:

If you have different experience than what is mentioned above, please email and we will update.


The author of the article hereby declares that he has taken the above information completely from the links above in the article and is not responsible for the veracity of this information. This article is for informational purposes only, please contact your bank for details.

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